Our New DRY Tumbler Changes The Game

After extensive product development and testing, we’re unleashing a product that will leave the competition behind. If you prefer to trim DRY with your Twister T2 Trimmer then this is the product you’ve been looking for.

T2 Dry Tumbler

Two robust machines.
Two great ways to trim.

Choose between Twister T2 WET and Twister T2 DRY options.

Works with existing
Twister T2 Trimmers

Tumbler can be switched from WET to DRY in seconds.

Improved performance

We reengineered our old dry tumbler to produce a new one that’s better than ever

Trim tight, trim safe

Our tumblers provide a trim that’s tight, clean, yet gentle on your product

Legendary Reliability

The Twister T2 DRY is just as reliable and dependable as our workhorse T2 WET units

Efficient and fast

Our single piece flow system ensures the fastest trim at the highest quality

Hand-trim quality

Product trimmed with the Twister T2 DRY has been lab tested to be equal or better than hand-trimmed product

Better together

Just like Twister’s T2 WET trimmers, you can link DRY T2 machines together back-to-back for even better results